Christmas Food That's Safe For Dogs

Christmas Food That's Safe For Dogs

The festive season brings joy, laughter, and a lot of delicious food! As we gather around the table, it's natural to want to include our furry companions in the holiday cheer. While it's essential to be mindful of what your pup can and cannot eat, there's a whole array of dog-friendly Christmas treats that can make their tails wag with excitement.

1. Turkey: Turkey meat, when plain and boneless, is a great source of protein for dogs. Just ensure it's cooked thoroughly and doesn't contain any seasoning, bones, or skin. Skip the gravy or any spices and your pup can have a taste of the main course.

2. Sweet Potatoes: Plain, baked, or boiled sweet potatoes are a hit with many dogs. Loaded with vitamins and fibre, they make for a nutritious addition to your pup's holiday meal. Avoid adding any butter, salt, or seasonings.

3. Green Beans: Fresh, steamed green beans are a healthy and crunchy treat for dogs. They are low in calories and can serve as a delightful snack during the festivities.

4. Carrots: Raw carrots are excellent for your dog's teeth and are packed with vitamins. Serve them as crunchy nibbles or even freeze them for a refreshing chew toy.

5. Pumpkin: Plain canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) is beneficial for your dog's digestion. It's often recommended by veterinarians to help with stomach upsets. A small spoonful can be a delightful addition to their meal.

6. Apples: Remove the seeds and core, and dogs can enjoy small slices of fresh, crunchy apples. They're a fantastic source of vitamins and fibre.


9. Dog-Safe Treats: Consider gifting your pup some special dog-friendly treats made specifically for them. You can find a wide variety of treats here on our website!

Cautionary Notes:

  • Avoid Certain Foods: Some foods are hazardous to dogs, including chocolate, nuts, grapes, onions, garlic, and certain spices. These can be toxic and should be kept far away from your furry friend.
  • Moderation is Key: While these dog-friendly foods are safe in moderation, too much of anything can upset your dog's stomach. Introduce new foods slowly and in small quantities.

As you celebrate this joyous season with your loved ones, including your dog in the festivities can make the moments even more heart-warming. A little treat here and there, served safely, can bring immense joy to your furry friend and strengthen the bond you share. Here's to a merry, dog-friendly Christmas filled with love, laughter and delicious treats for everyone!