Honeycomb Slow Feeder Enrichment Bowl


Our Honeycomb Slow Feeder Bowls are perfect to use as a slow feeder for dry, wet & raw food or for some delicious enrichment. 

The deep honeycomb sections are perfect for stuffing, whilst the little whales are great for pouring liquids such as Furr boost into or smearing soft foods onto.

Made from food grade silicone with one large suction cup on the back, they are perfect for sticking to floors, walls, cupboards, baths, windows etc.

They are dishwasher & freezer safe.

Our mats can be used in so many ways, but here's a handful of ideas:

* Slow down daily meals 
* To prevent boredom and act as a distraction 
* To distract them whilst you clip nails 
* Aids a more relaxing bath time
* Stress reliever 
* Cool down on hot days (freeze the food onto the mat)

 Available in 2 gorgeous colours: pastel pink & olive green. 

Sold individually 

Dimensions: L 19cm x W 19cm x D 3cm or 3.5cm inc sucker