The Fur Pack


The PAW & SIMPLE Fur Pack has been carefully put together to create a delicious mix of  fur on products. There is the correct amount of treats in this box to form a natural monthly deworming programme. ( 1- 2 treats per week dependent on size) 

And if you subscribed to this box, you'll get 10% off every month too!

Fur isn't digestible to dogs, so it brushes through their digestive system dislodging worm eggs and any other unwanted nasties! Using fur on products can massively contribute to a worming programme and significantly reduce the amount of chemical wormers you need to use. 

Your box will include:

2x Furry Rabbit Ears 

1x Large Hairy Cow Ear 

1x Furry Rabbit Skin Roll 

1x 50g Hairy Lamb or Beef Skin 

All packaged into a resealable kraft pouch.

Please ensure your pet is always supervised when eating their treats and that fresh water is always available.