Lions Mane Mushroom Extract Powder 25g

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Lions Mane Extract (Hericium Erinaceus) powder is an edible medicinal mushroom that shows to be especially beneficial for brain function and development.

It's shown to improve memory, concentration and reduce anxiety. Also known to be beneficial for the gut and helps reduce inflammation and eliminate bad bacteria. 

It can also help support anxious and stressed dogs and dogs with nerve related issues and injuries.

Sold in resealable bags of 25g.

Suitable from 16 weeks old.

Our Lions Mane is a pure powder that’s made only from the organic Lions Mane fruiting body.

We recommend to start with a lesser amount and gradually build up to the recommended daily dosage.

1/8 tsp for dogs up to 10kg
1/4 tsp for dogs up to 20kg
1/2 tsp for dogs up to 30kg
3/4 tsp for dogs 30+ plus

Please ensure your pet is always supervised when eating their treats and that fresh water is always available.