The Difference Between Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils in Dog Shampoo

The Difference Between Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils in Dog Shampoo

It is estimated that over 60% of what you put on your dog's skin gets absorbed into their bloodstream. Therefore, any chemical ingredients included in dog shampoos and soaps can have negative long term health impacts.

Fabric softener that makes clothes and blankets retain their fresh scent for days or weeks after washing is because fragrance oils are used. Likewise, that dog shampoo you washed them with may smell great, but it’s been created using chemicals that will be absorbed into their body.

Here at Paw & Simple, all the natural dog shampoos / soaps we sell only use pure essential oils that have been extracted from different parts of plants. They are 100% pure oils, having not been processed, diluted or manipulated with solvents or other additives.

The climate, amount of rainfall, temperature, soil condition and other factors determine the chemical composition and quality of the oil!

Fragrance oils (sometimes called synthetic essential oils) are manufactured in a laboratory. Since each oil contains a complex combination of chemicals, it is no surprise that they may contain a number of toxins such as benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, propylene glycol, parabens, and sulphates. Also added to synthetic fragrance oils are chemicals that make them "sticky," so the smell will linger and cling to clothing, hair, furniture, etc. It allows the scent to persist for hours or days, but in doing so exposes you and your pooch to a host of unhealthy chemicals.


Pure essential oils have something the fragrance oils don't - the natural power of healing.

Our products only contain quality natural essential oils that are both safe and beneficial to your dog. They help to cleanse, repair, restore and moisturise the coat and skin.

Geranium: Geranium is a fabulous insect repellent with antiseptic and anti – inflammatory properties. It is especially good with greasy and flaky skins too.

Lavender: Is such a versatile oil and perfect for pooches. It offers calming benefits, cleansing, anti-inflammatory and soothing for the skin.

Orange Blossom: Orange oil is known for its uplifting and anti-inflammatory properties. It will help towards creating a luscious healthy clean looking coat, removing stubborn stains.

Peppermint: Dogs can be plagued with seasonal allergies, just like us. Peppermint can help support their respiratory systems and return clearer breathing to their horizons. Peppermint can also be used to ease aches and pains in their joints.

Rosemary: a well rounded oil, rosemary essential oil stimulates healthy hair growth, repels bugs, and helps increase circulation which is important for healthy skin and coat.

Citronella: one of the most effective oils for repelling fleas, ticks, and other bugs.

Lemongrass: Is a natural deodorizer that supports the skin, reduces yeast and bacteria, and helps to deter bugs. It has also been shown to reduce anxiety and improve cognitive function.



Using truly safe and non-toxic natural ingredients, you don't have to worry about contaminants or nasty ingredients getting onto your dog. Our soaps are both vegan and perfectly balanced for your dog’s skin pH level. They use natural free floating coconut oil as the carrier for the essential oils, which doesn’t lie heavy on the coat and works with your dogs’ natural oils.

Coconut oil has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties and contains vitamin E, creating a kind cleanser and making your dog’s coat extra shiny and soft. It’s also SAFE TO LICK! 

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